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Andrea Fryers

My name is Andrea Fryers and I am Head of Drama in Mercy College Belfast.

I know is an old cliche that teaching is not just a job but a vocation, however this is the honest truth! It is the best job, and every day is a new adventure.  Teaching requires you to give your heart and soul but the rewards you get back are priceless.  It is such a privilege working with young people. I absolutely love the pupils; they make every day so special.

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher.  I was lucky to have great role models in my own teachers in Mercy College because I now teach in the school I went to. There was one teacher in particular who showed me how being kind, caring and loving is as much a part of the job as other skills you learn in university.  I was lucky enough to go on and work alongside her. I was a Mercy girl and I feel like I have ‘come home’. That’s what Mercy College is to me, a second home with my extended Mercy family.

I don’t think there is another job like teaching and getting to improve the lives of young people on a daily basis makes the more stressful times worthwhile.

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