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Firstly please log into families first finalists page.  The password is in caps FFSECONDARY23.


You will find the placement of schools, principals, teachers and support staff.


Everyone must fill in Part 1, no one is exempt.


Classroom Lecture
School Kids


The judging process 


There are two parts to this.  Part one is quite simple and must be returned to us by the 7TH MAY, we need you to fill in your 30 words and send a picture or school crest.  This is what we call the comment line.  This line opens to the public on the 8TH MAY.  

We will upload the information you send to us as we receive it. If it does not appear, we don't have it. This is a very important.  It is a vital part of the process, and also if we don't have information, we have nothing to put into our brochure.

Remember the dates, we cannot accept anything after the 7TH OF MAY.

This is not a voting line, these are comments only.  Ir is not quantity but quality.

When this opens, every comment will be sent to you, and to us, no one else sees these, it is up to you to share, if you feel the need to.


These are forms which you need to fill in.  Everyone who is up for an award, school, principal, teacher and support staff, MUST fill these in.  This all goes to our adjudicator, If you feel you want to add picture of the school, or something you are particularly proud of, please  do.  You are telling them about the school etc.

These forms need to be back with me by the 7TH MAY

These two parts are married together and a winner is chosen.


All schools are representing their county, a winner is chosen from each county, they go into the final and an overall winner is chosen.


There is a prize for the overall winner of £2000.

This will be given to the winner by banker's draft on the evening.

If it is a tie the prize money will be divided.


The adjudicator, will not look at your inspection reports, but they will look at your facebook and web.


Principals, teachers, support staff are looked at independently.

School Garden


Now don't panic, I am here to help.  You can get me on 07972201552 anytime.


Looking forward to meeting you all

Ann x

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