Healthcare and Keyworker
Awards 2022

Titanic Belfast - 19 November 2022

Your finalists for the Healthcare and Keyworker 2022 will be showcased below.  If you are a finalist please click here for to access your info page.

claire heggarty.jpg

Claire Hegarty


Alison Tweedie

Gillian Bailie.jpg

Gillian Bailie

Linzi Cooke - Fountain Primary School.jpg

Linzi Cooke - Fountain Primary School

Carol Milligan.jpg
Rachael Brolly - NHS.jpg
Cairnshill Primary School.jpg
Nicola Blair.jpg

Carol Milligan

Rachael Brolly - NHS

Cairnshill Primary School

Nicola Blair

Bannside Pharmacy Ltd.jpg
Killylea PS.png

Bannside Pharmacy Ltd

Killylea Primary School

Screenshot 2022-09-27 at 21.46.22.png

Click on the AGENI image to download and read the information from Rosalind Cole - Fundraising Manager, Age NI