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Mourne Stars

My classes provide the opportunity for each pupil to shine in their own way by developing skills in Speech, Drama and Performing Arts, which will give them lifelong benefits and lasting memories. Students are taught in a fun, creative and safe environment by a professional, qualified Drama & Performing Arts teacher with almost 15 years’ experience and training.


I offer exams in Speech & Drama, Acting, Interview Skills, Public Speaking and MANY MORE! I have also helped cast children in a film produced locally, enter local festivals and competitions. Pupils of Mourne Stars have also been employed as actors in local Halloween & Christmas events. Almost 100 pupils also performed on stage as part of the most recent Hallowtides festival in Newcastle.


When a child is given space to be creative and their imagination is supported, this helps to builds their confidence and self-esteem. The confidence gained from taking part in drama will help with all aspects of life!


My website is if you need any more information.

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